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Porcelain Tea Cup

Porcelain Tea Cup


Hand thrown porcelain cup with a hand pulled and modelled handle, in two glazes, Natural and Tenmoku. Approx 7 x 10 cm high.


The beauty of porcelain is that it can be thrown finely, but remains strong and robust, these cups have a comfortable weight and are a perfect size to enjoy tea, coffee or chocolate.


I make them in two glazed finishes, a shiny transparent glaze which gives a soft white and a traditional Tenmoku, which is a glossy treacly chocolate colour. The Tenmoku cups are glazed white inside, with the two glazes overlapping on the inside edge.

  • There may be import taxes or customs duties due on international shipments, that the purchaser bears responsibility for.

  • UK

    Collection in person

    £0 - £50 = £6.00

    £50 - £200 = £8.00

    £200 and above = £12.00



    £0 - £50 = £8.00

    £50 & above = £10.00


    US, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia

    Delivery = £12.00

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