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I began working as a potter twenty years ago, drawn to the fine qualities of porcelain and the process of turning soft pliable clay into something lasting, useful and beautiful.  After a pause to raise my children, I moved a few miles further down the valley to Plas Tirion in the Conwy Valley, and began building a new studio in the grounds of the lovely old half-derelict house.


Alongside making pots I began producing Linocut illustrations of the nature and landscape around me, especially the native plants, wildflowers and birdlife.  I enjoy the particular combination of craftsmanship and artistry that Linocut requires, and the opportunity it gives to use layers of bright colour, in contrast to the simple palette of oxides and glazes that I like to use on my ceramics. 


My interests, and from where I take inspiration for my work, are in tradition, folklore, history and nature, especially that of the countryside of my home.  I often print seasonal studies of the wild plants that are found in the ancient lanes, woodland and pastures, as well as shoreline collections.  Mountain and seascapes also feature in my print work, and I am especially drawn to small ancient buildings, that weather over the centuries to become part of a landscape.

You can visit my studio and see my work during varied opening times and by appointment.  Several times a year I run pottery and printing classes and the details for these can be found on the Workshops page.

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