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Fferm Gwyntog, images of my new print in stages.

Fferm Gwyntog

Last night I added the final layer of ink to my latest reduction print, of a windswept farm, close to the sea on Anglesey. These old farms often have a small orchard of damsons close by, and in this spot, just a few hundred yards from the sea, the orchard trees have been shaped over many years by the off-shore wind. I worked from a quick sketch that I made on a bleak windy day, with racing clouds and a flock of birds riding the uplift, but in my print I wanted the colours to give the impression of soft low sunlight across the rushes and a gathering storm approaching, one of those typical days of wild Welsh weather, with sunshine and rain in equal measure. Following are a few photos showing the process of inking up and over-printing the layers of colour, with some close ups of the detail.

The Lino block with the image drawn in reverse, I use the metal pins to register the paper so that all the layers match up perfectly.  Here the sky is inked up in two blended colours ready to be printed separately from the land.

Four layers in, ready for the final colour.

Sunshine lighting up the gable end and gateway.

Registering the block, so that the ink lines up with earlier layers.

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